These two photos from 1958 show the construction of the Page Hospital and Glen Canyon Clinic. In the shot of the clinic you can see that the top coat of pavement hasn’t been laid down on South Navajo Drive just yet. The new high school was probably under construction at this same time and would have been behind the photographer. I remember getting a lot of penicillin shots inside this building. I’m no doubt scarred for life. If you zoom in and look at the right side of the clinic, you’ll see a house under construction as well as the USBR admin building that I previously blogged about [HERE]. The back of the photo reads, “Doctor’s new clinic.”

Photo: J. L. Digby, USBR
Source: The LeGate Family

This next photo shows the hospital under construction in 1958. Notice the workers on the roof on the left side, working the electrical entrance. While walking past the hospital one day, yours truly was caught in a thunder storm and ran to the loading dock, which was near those electrical lines. While I as standing there watching the rain, lightening struck those lines and scared me to death.

In the distant background, this photo gives us a good look at Gunsight Butte and Tower Butte. In the nearer background, you can see the USBR warehouse and to the right of it, is the metal building that housed the post office for a time. You can also see the trailer court starting to fill up. The white buildings to the left of Tower Butte housed some of the original Page businesses. Among those were Page Jewelers, Rexall Drug, a clothing store, and (I think) Farmer’s Insurance. Those buildings were at the edge of the trailer court and sat at a bit of an angle, facing North Navajo Drive.

Photo: J. L. Digby, USBR
Source: The LeGate Family


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