This first picture is a great look inside an elementary class in the old X and Y buildings. These were the temporary buildings that were built across from the Catholic Church, but I think they pre-dated that church. Maybe you were in this picture. If so, leave a comment and let me know. This teacher looks familiar, but I don’t have a name to go with the face. I remember those light fixtures and the heaters in the corner, hanging from the ceiling. The boy and girl closest to the photographer look pretty chummy. 😉 These pictures are undated, but have to be early 60s.

0358 - GW - P-557-420-02843
Photo: USBR, Photographer unknown.
Source: Terry Edwards

Here’s an outdoor shot taken from the east-ish end of the buildings, looking west. 7th Avenue (Lake Powell BLVD) and the Catholic Church are to the left of this picture. Are you in this, or do you recognize anyone in it? If so, please leave a comment. When you itch, you gotta scratch!

1037 - JWP-0009935
Photo: USBR?
Photographer unknown. Undated.
Source: Terry Edwards

Here’s a view of the buildings from the opposite end. This was taken from the loop that was used for drop-off and pick-up. The trailers to the right may have been construction trailers for the new school buildings.

0585 - Stone 11 BuildingsThe picture below is a look at X and Y Buildings under construction, looking from 7th Avenue.  This one is late 50s or very early 60s.

0274 - MW27 - Temporary Schools
Undated. Photographer unknown
Source: Terry Edwards

Here’s a few more random shots for you. Who remembers this ice cream machine? It sat in the breezeway between the gym (C Building) and D Building, against the gym wall. I used to love this thing. This pic is from a 1961 yearbook.

ice cream machine 1961Here’s the 1959 graduating class. This graduation was held in the USBR warehouse. There were no doubt other graduations in this building, but this is the only one I have.

59 Graduation
1959 Page High School Graduation

Here’s the 1961 basketball team in front of the newly constructed A and B Buildings. You know who you are…

1961 Page High basketball team.

Enjoy! Mike

18 thoughts on “School Daze

  1. The black and white and the color pictures taken from the end of the building look like they’re taken from the same end, because the walkway is on the same side. That road is really confusing though; I know the buildings faced the street, so I can’t figure it out. Thanks for the pictures though, they bring back memories! Is the teacher Mrs. Manriquez? I can’t place the face.

  2. I have called Mrs. Manriquez (the widow of teacher and coach Jimmy J. Manriquez, 1935-2005) and asked if she remembers teaching the Saber twins pictured in the classroom in X & Y Buildings (Donna & Dianna Saber). Their mother gave birth to the first baby born in Page — Cinci Saber, who has been an underwater, etc. photographer for National Geographic. I’m trying to convince her to come to Page for our All-Class Reunion in Page May 12-14, 2014, along with my siblings, the first twins born in Page — Carol & Carl Johnston.

    1. Donna & Dianna Saber far left, middle row, wearing sailor collar dresses with white trim piping.

      1. So what year would this have been? The little girl playing with her hair looks like me but I don’t recognize the names. My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. O’Brian. in 1960/61

        1. Kristy, Gene LeGate just provided me with some old Page Signal newspapers and there is a story in one of them with this same picture. It’s dated October 30, 1958 and the teacher was Mary Louise Coughlin. It also names the kids in the picture, but your name isn’t there. Sorry. This was a first grade class. I hope to scan these old newspaper clippings and post them soon. It’s some good stuff!


          1. Wouldn’t be me in 58 I would have only been 2. HA Can’t wait to find out who she is. I am digging for pictures or newspaper clippings that my folks might have but it might take a while.

    2. Donna, you are a storehouse of information! And you have connections. Class reunion? Hmmm. Is there more info out there somewhere about that? Mike


      1. It is a pretty hefty email about the reunion (for Classes 1958-1972, graduates and non-graduates alike), but nobody would be excluded — we have friends and non-Page people attending with classmates. Send me your email address and you can decide what you want to include from it (sound like a plan?)

        1. You might already have it. Take a look in your junk email folder. I sent you a question I had about the guy who ran Page Jewelers. If it’s not there, let me know. Thx


        2. Mike, You got my email about the PHS All-Class Reunion, but I didn’t get your question about Page Jewelers. The owner’s name was Ernest “Ernie” Severino, Sr. His son, Ernie, Jr., was PHS Class of 1960, plus a younger son, Mike Severino. Does that answer your question? I have a photo of father & son (don’t see a place here to add a photo, though).

    3. Mrs. Manriquez taught 4th grade in the X & Y Buildings 1961-1962 School Year, but this isn’t her, and she doesn’t recognize the teacher pictured, either.

    CLASS B – DISTRICT CHAMPS (Photo & captions in 1961 Sage & Sand yearbook)

    (That was an exciting game in Flagstaff — I still have the score sheet around here someplace.) Saw high school friends from Fredonia & Williams, AZ, who were watching the games (or playing in them), too.

    Back Row: Coach Tim Oscarson, Mike Stickler, Howard “Pete” Perkins, Jerry Rickman, Rick Parsons, Jim Stickler, Miles White, Don Marks, Willard Abbott. Front Row: Pat Stickler, Dennis Lippert, Scott Robinson, John Wetzel.

    1. Ya know Joe, it wasn’t too long ago I was out tooling around yard sailing in my old Jeep and next thing I know I’m on North Creek Road and so I went down to the end of West Stone just so i could reminisce. I got a good chuckle thinking about Leonard telling me about the time he was out there and the two of you were doing something outside the house and your wife stuck her head out and yelled, “Hey Joe, Flipper is on”. Leonard thought that was the funniest thing. It was just when color TV first came out and flipper was one of the few programs that was in color and you didn’t want to miss out on seeing it. I think about you all the time Joe, I still use that tool box I traded you 50 years ago, I thought about you when I sold my 356 Roadster, I still have a pair of pliers that you tried my engraving tool on and wrote YOUR name on MY pliers.
      Hey, I’ve got a big picture that the Bureau took of the Wheel out in my shop, come and get it if you want it.

      Your bud, Ernie

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