Hey all, we’re on a road trip for the month of July but I wanted to stop long enough to get this amazing picture posted. This is my first post via email, so I hope it looks ok when posted. If not, I’ll tweak it later. Gene LeGate sent this pic to me a few days ago (thanks Gene!). I don’t know who took it, what building it was, where it was being moved to, or why. But here’s what I do know: it’s being moved away from town and it looks like it was a rainy day.

Undated photo Source: The LeGate Family

If you have some info about this picture and what was going on, please leave a comment. It seems like something like this would have drawn some attention. Check it out…

2 thoughts on “How To Move A Building Over A Bridge

  1. Mike, this was posted on facebook by Donna Bloxton Peterson and I believe she said Steve Ward gave it to her. She thinks it was a building donated to the Part Service by the bureau. In looking at the building, I believe the park service used it as a garage for several years (maybe still be in use.) This move may have happened sometime in 1966. I cannot remember anything about it happening and that amazes me as it had to have been a massive operation.

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