This picture is undated and I don’t remember where I got it. I’m guessing it’s 1962-ish, based on the height of the dam and the fact it’s not visible yet. It gets pretty grainy when you zoom in, so I can’t make out any of the faces. But I think the guy in the white shirt standing in the back on the left could be Royce Knight. Just a guess. How about you? Do you recognize anyone? Check out the chaise lounge chairs. And that poor tree needs to be staked before the Page winds rip it out of the ground! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Country Club Living

  1. That could be Royce Kinsman Knight OR Gordon H. Stanwaity (probably Royce).
    White shirt left of grill looks like W. L. “Bud” Rusho of USBR (1958-1988).
    Bud’s oral history is at this link:,W.L.(BUD).pdf and memorials for Bud, Royce & Gordon are at these links:

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