More School Stuff

This post is a hodgepodge of some Page school pics that have floated my way. This are in no particular order. I have fond memories of this first one because I spent many cold nights up there watching football games. Do you remember this? It was at the end of the football field near the teacher’s apartments. The important thing is, we were winning. I give you….(drum roll)…. the football scoreboard!

This pic is from 1968. I think I got this from one of my yearbooks. A special prize goes to the person who can identify the scorekeepers.

This next one is from the 1971-72 school year and it shows the old high school gym (C-Building) in the background and the excavation underway for the new High School.

Source: Unknown. New High School construction, 1971-72 school year.

These next two are more pics of the new High School construction. This is looking toward Chapman’s Trailer Park with LeChee in the Continue reading “More School Stuff”


1973 Yellow Pages ad

I found a copy of the 1973 Yellow Pages so I have a new category to post these ads in. I’ll be posting these old ads from time to time.

I’m posting this one first because it’s special. First, it reads, “Add a Page to your trip.” I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one who read that old sign. If you’re wondering what I mean, check out my first post or my Why The Weird Name page.

Another reason I’m posting this one first is because it was one of my first full-time jobs. Yours Truly was one of the truck drivers that picked up and delivered laundry to the boarding schools on the reservation and brought it back here to be laundered. I worked for Al and Sandy. They were great people. I wonder if they’re still in Page.

But the big reason I’m posting this ad first is because I lived here for a while. Yes, it’s true. I lived at the laundromat. At least my clothes were always clean. Drive down to Vista Avenue and check this place out. It’s kind of an “L” shaped building with the corner of the “L” built out toward Vista Avenue. That was my apartment. Initially, it was a beauty salon, but eventually became my home sweet home in 1972ish for several months.