New Episode on Mike’s Dam Podcast

Hey friends, I published a new episode on the podcast today. Check it out when you get time.

Episode 2: Introduction


Mike’s Dam Podcast Update

Hey friends, my lowly podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). You can subscribe there now so you don’t miss an episode. Remember, Mike’s Dam Podcast drops on 2/1/18. Here’s the Apple subscription link:

It’s also coming soon to Google Play, YouTube, Stitcher, and Spotify! I’ll post an update with those links as they become available. Remember, you can visit Mike’s Dam Podcast on the web at Here’s a link to my infamous first podcast trailer:

Thanks for all of your interest in this project. -Later!

Video Trailer – Mike’s Dam Podcast

Mike’s Dam Podcast drops February 1st, 2018. Here’s a short, fun trailer I put together for it. Merry Christmas friends!

Visit Mike’s Dam Podcast


Mike’s Dam Podcast

Hey friends, it’s official! It’s going to happen! Mike’s Dam Podcast – the podcast that’s all about remembering life during the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, Page Arizona, and Lake Powell via conversations and interviews launches on January 2, 2018. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. Tell people you don’t even know. Mike’s Dam Podcast rolls out in the new year. The bare bones of the new podcast site are there if you want to get a preview. It’s not much yet and the episodes won’t start rolling your way until the launch date, but you can find it and bookmark it now at

I’ve also renamed this photo blog to Mike’s Dam Photo Blog. I’m starting to see a pattern as things take on a “Dam” branding! The web address is the same and remains unchanged because there are so many links back to me from different sources/people and I don’t want to break those. I’m excited to launch the new podcast and see where it goes and how it’s received. Thank you all for your continued support of my efforts in this endeavor and for all of you who suggested names for the podcast. You guys rock!